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Web Business Weekly - Issue #121 - Hiring sucks

Isn't hiring just the best part of running a business? Mmm... or not.  If you're anything like me,

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October 28 · Issue #121 · View online
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Isn’t hiring just the best part of running a business?

Mmm… or not. 

If you’re anything like me, hiring is the part of business you dread the most.

WordPress developers are one of the hardest. 

First you have to deal with something like 120 applications

You can throw out about 100 for not even reading the job post. That’s your first 2-3 hours burned that you’ll never get back

Then you slowly go through the remaining 20 trying to whittle it down to a shortlist of 5. That might involve some emailing, reading resumes (that all start to look the same), plus the obligatory online stalking session. Another few hours gone. 

Then you have to design a test task to make sure their skills are as good as they say they are. The process of building out the test, judging the results and choosing a winner can take days to weeks. 

And it sucks the life out of you.

The worst part is having to turn people down who’ve come this far just because they weren’t the #1 pick. 

(Suddenly you start feeling sorry for recruiters instead of thinking they’re a big rip off.)

But hey, now you’ve got a new employee that will ease the burden on your business.

Then two months later they stop answering emails. After 7 days you get a message saying they disappeared up into the mountains, without telling you, but they thought it would be OK. 

(Yes, this actually happened)

Even after this entire process, there are so many things that can go wrong. 

Maybe it turns out that they:
  • Totally ghost you
  • Don’t have the skills they said they did
  • Even become toxic to your business

I’ve ticked each of these boxes several times over. It sucks. 

What if you could just flip a switch and add someone to your team who has already been through ALL of this.

That’s essentially what GoWP’s new dedicated developer service is offering. 

You’re getting someone who has been through their rigorous hiring and onboarding process - meaning you avoid ALL of the gross parts of hiring.

They’ll work inside your own tools and systems, 4 hours a day Monday to Friday. 

Sounds ideal. 

I know their vetting process works, because my old lead WordPress developer was hired by GoWP. 

When we were winding down our website business, there was one developer I held on to beyond the point of actually needing someone full time - because they were one of the best I’d worked with. 

And now he works for GoWP. Their system works. 

So if you’re done with going through all this rubbish just to find one good person to join your team, take a look at their service. 

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