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Web Business Weekly - Issue #117

When you're looking for software to use with your clients, how much does "white-labeling" play into i

Web Business Weekly

September 23 · Issue #117 · View online
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When you’re looking for software to use with your clients, how much does “white-labeling” play into it?
White-labeling is the concept of removing all branding from software.
For some they just don’t want the brand seen by clients. For some, it’s so they can pass the software off as their own - often to look like a bigger company.
But this is such a waste of time.
Your clients don’t care that you use other people’s software. They use software too. They know it has a place in making both your and their lives easier.
I’m bringing this up because I see lots of requests for white-labeled software. Sometimes I see them in Facebook groups. Sometimes I see them as support requests asking us to implement white-label for Content Snare.
Most of the white-label requests seem to come from freelancers or small agencies. It appears that the goal is to make themselves look like a bigger agency.
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.
What I find interesting though is that in my experience, larger agencies seem content with their clients knowing that they use a third-party software product
Some of the largest companies that use Content Snare just don’t seem to care at all. The largest of which has 105,000 staff.
If you care so deeply about white-labeling your software, you’re limiting the products that you can work with. Often that’s going to mean using products that just aren’t as good. Or spending loads of time building your own thing.
And all for something that most of your clients don’t care about.
So maybe it’s not worth worrying about.
All that said, we do plan on allowing white-label for Content Snare one day. It totally makes sense in many cases.
I’m just questioning whether it matters all that much.

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