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Web Business Weekly - Issue #116 - Becoming "Superhuman"

Would I be right in guessing that you spend a lot of time in your inbox? Even when you try to do eve

Web Business Weekly

September 16 · Issue #116 · View online
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Would I be right in guessing that you spend a lot of time in your inbox?
Even when you try to do everything right, it’s hard to avoid needing to spend a significant amount of time in there.
Given how much time it eats up, it’s embarrassing to say that I’ve been using the standard gmail interface for a long time, tolerating some serious speed issues that have definitely killed my email productivity.
But it’s also pretty normal - not many people seem to think about changing the email client that they use.
I’ve been using a new client since Friday called Superhuman. It has been massively hyped by the productivity community, and their “request access” with forced live onboarding made me VERY skeptical.
But I gotta say, it is proving to be LOADS better that what I’m used to.
It focuses heavily on keyboard shortcuts, and processing your email one at a time without distractions, until you hit inbox zero.
It feels like this process is helping me build good habits. And so far I’ve spent a LOT less time in my inbox.
If you think spending less time in email would be a good thing for you, Superhuman is worth a look. At $30/month it’s not a cheap app, but for the time saved I think it’s definitely going to pay for itself.

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